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“One of musical theater’s most-dependable leading men!” – The Oregonian

Broadway stars and musicians from the early 20’s were the people who captured the hearts of many viewers, providing people with never before seen forms of entertainment that left them awestruck. Simply put, the early days of Hollywood and show business are littered with stars and celebrities who’s name go down the history of showbiz, one such star was Jack Cassidy, a renowned actor, singer, and director. Jack Cassidy achieved monumental success on Broadway and ended up settling down with Shirley Jones, another star from the early days of Broadway, and by the looks of things, both of them have managed to pass on their talent and love for performing onto their children.

The offspring of Jack and Shirley are Ryan, Shaun and Patrick Cassidy, while Ryan and Shaun took to the stage and became the objects of obsession of two generations of hot blooded teen girls, Patrick Cassidy went after family tradition. Patrick Cassidy was born on January 4, 1962, in Los Angeles, he had his first taste of being on stage when he broke his collarbone while playing as a quarterback for his team in high school. After the accident Patrick joined the high school drama club and quickly developed a love for theater, from there, he started to follow his parent’s footsteps and soon got his first starring role on television at the young age of 19 in the NBC movie Angel Dusted.

From here on Cassidy would go on to play all kinds of roles in a wide variety of films and numerous television series. His career did have a few ups and downs such as his starring role in Bay City Blues, a show about baseball that got canceled just after releasing four episodes. However, the gifted actor’s career has a lot more ups than downs. Patrick Cassidy has even made guest appearances in popular TV series such as Castle and the movie based series of Dirty Dancing. He’s managed to make a name for himself on TV, something that shouldn’t be taken lightly considering just how cutthroat showbiz can get, however, the place where Patrick Cassidy shines the most is on live stage.

If you draw a list of all the TV series, movies and dramas in which Cassidy has starred and then compare it to a list of all the stage shows he has taken part in; the latter list will beat the former by a margin. He started his career on Broadway in the same year as he first starred on TV, in 1981, playing the role of Frederic in the national tour of Gilbert and Sullivan’s: The Pirates of Penzance. The 19-year-old Cassidy took the crowd by storm, with critics calling him “the new old timer,” many people even went as far as comparing his first performance with that of his father. From here, Patrick Cassidy took the lead role of the show in the following year and went to Broadway.

Cassidy’s next highlight on Broadway came out on 1990 when he starred as Jeff Barry in the jukebox musical Leader of the Pack, where his role once again received a lot of positive attention. Cassidy’s Broadway career is critically acclaimed and littered with milestones, in 2002 he won the National Broadway Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Touring Musical. He’s also the sole stage actor who has performed with his mother on stage; this happened in 2004 on Broadway in 42nd Street as Julian Marsh and his mother as Dorothy Brock.

A quick glance at Cassidy’s stage career will reveal that the talented actor has taken part in many musicals as well. This goes to show that Patrick Cassidy didn’t follow in the footsteps of Ryan and Shaun due to a lack of singing ability, but maybe because he wished to make use of his singing ability in a more traditional manner. Along with starring in many musicals, Patrick Cassidy has also helped record the soundtracks of the various musicals and stage plays he has performed in. This Cassidy has definitely inherited all of his parents’ talents and definitely knows how to make the most out of them.

Besides performing on Broadway, Patrick has also taken part in many charity benefits. Some other interesting facts about Cassidy’s career include the fact that he has played the role of Frederic in The Pirates of Penzance longer than any other actor in history. Also, he is an uncle to Katie Cassidy, known for the famous Arrow TV series.

As for his personal life, Patrick Cassidy has been married twice, the first time was with Anja Stewart on December 10, 1987, but unfortunately they fell apart and got divorced only after a year in 1988. He married once more on February 12, 1994, and is currently happily together with Melissa Hurley, the actor is currently 55 years old and is a father to two sons; Cole Patrick and Jack Gordon. The entire family has had an appearance on stage as a onetime thing in 2006, in the showing of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, where Cassidy played the lead role while his wife starred as Mrs. Potiphar. The children also made an appearance in the children’s chorus.

Anyone who is acquainted with showbiz from the early 1900s would have heard about Shirley Jones and the renowned Jack Cassidy, both of whom made a name for themselves by delving into various branches of the performing arts. The Cassidy name is not an easy one to live up to, especially when talent comes from both sides of the family. Yet every child of the Cassidy’s has managed to live up to the name quite beautifully, with Patrick taking the spotlight since he took all that he inherited from his parents and devoted it to the stage. Anyone who has seen Patrick perform on stage will be more than ready to commend this actor’s prowess on stage.